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New trailer for Ad Astra shows astronaut Brad Pitt navigating a bleak future

Brad Astra is Sad Astra because of his Dad Astra

Where the first trailer for Ad Astra seemed to set up a traditional sci-fi drama, the latest footage seems to tee up a story more in line with director James Gray’s previous work. (James Gray hive, come through.)

While still dealing with Roy McBride’s (Brad Pitt) quest to find his father after an event dubbed “the Surge” causes chaos on Earth, the film also seems set to deal with just how much we are meant to know of the great mysteries of the universe. “Exploration isn’t always a noble venture,” says Donald Sutherland, as footage of a brutal chase on the Moon unfolds.

The new trailer also reveals more of the world in which the film takes place; instead of taking place in present day, it seems to be set at least a short distance into the future, as a settlement is seen on the Moon, as well as people mingling with holograms.

That is to say, the more we see, the more epic Ad Astra becomes, making its Sept. 20 release date increasingly difficult to wait for.

Take a look at the new poster for the film below.

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