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Fallout 76’s next big event is all about getting that meat

Get ready to cook (and for some bug fixes)

Fallout 76 - Grahm and a player barbecue some meat Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks
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Bethesda is introducing a new summer event to Fallout 76 that’s all about collecting meat for one of the game’s few non-robot NPCs and helping him grill it up. It sounds like some lighthearted fun, even though the excitement to hang out with a Super Mutant and cook meat is tempered by a series of bugs introduced by the most recent patch. Bethesda’s latest Inside the Vault announcement goes into both of these issues, and gives some details on how players can earn cookout-themed cosmetics.

Patch 11 was one of the regular content rollouts that have started since Wild Appalachia, the first Fallout 76 content update. However, this new patch ended up causing issues, including power armor bugs and a lack of legendary drops. A hotfix is being released that prevents the lack of legendary drops, and a further fix will be instituted to ensure that the correct creatures are marked as legendary.

Bethesda is also addressing “reports from some players who stated that they’re missing Power Armor pieces following Patch 11, as well as issues like some events and daily quests that aren’t completing correctly, stability issues, and more.”

While Bethesda doesn’t have a solid ETA on these fixes, they’re not the only thing on the studio’s agenda. Fallout 76 will be updated to include “Meat Week”, a celebration based around the roaming supermutant vendor Grahm and his friendly cow. (Don’t worry, we’re not eating his cow friend.)

Meat Week will be made up of two events. Primal Cuts, the first step, will introduce Prime Beasts, which can be hunted down for their good, good meat. Primal Cuts will trigger on the map in three separate locations, with each Prime Beast ranging in level and difficulty, so the event can be accessible to new players (but appropriately challenging for those who are level 50 or higher and decked out in legendary gear). Primal Cuts will reward experience and caps, as well as prime meat.

A second event, Meat Cook, will begin every hour. Players will help Grahm cook the prime meat they’ve collected. This includes a variety of non-combat activities, like feeding Grahm’s pet Chally or extinguishing fires. If the party is a hit, attendees get barbeque-themed loot that scale with the level of success. Meat Cook can be completed as many times as a player wants until the end of the event. In short, this sounds like a great way for players to get rewards while also starting up a social hub on maps.

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