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Rick and Morty is finally back in new season 4 SDCC clip

Wubba lubba dub dub, et cetera

It’s been more than a hot minute since Rick and Morty’s third season concluded back in 2017. The series, which has been on hiatus since season 3, will return this November with its fourth season — and that’s only a fraction of the 70 episodes Adult Swim has ordered thus far. The new clip brings the same wackiness we’ve come to expect from Rick and Morty over the past three seasons as the titular pair journeys to new lands.

The new clip shows Morty and his father harassing Glootie, an alien app developer voiced by Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi.

Co-creator Justin Roiland told Polygon last June that the gaps between season shout decrease as well moving forward, highlighting the assurance and freedom that comes with a tall episode order.

“We’re super excited that, for the first time ever, we’re locked in, we know what the future is, we have job security,” Roiland said. ”[Co-creator Dan] Harmon is in great spirits, we have a great writers’ room. We want the episodes to stay good, but we do also want to try to turn them around a little quicker now that we have this big order, I think it gives us the ability to be faster. We’re not going to do these long breaks, these chasms in between seasons anymore. We’re going to schedule vacation time and just keep the machine going. It’s going to be really cool.”

Rick and Morty season 4 airs this November on Adult Swim.

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