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Get ready to ascend to the Heaviside Layer with these Cats (2019) memes

Maybe the real Cats (2019) was inside us all along

Francesca Hayward as a white cat in cats, surrounded by two other cats Universal Pictures

The trailer for Tom Hopper’s upcoming take on the long-running Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats was released on July 18 and, since then, the world has not been the same.

To quote Polygon’s front page editor, Samit Sarkar, we are now living in an AC (After Cats) society.

The movie stars Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Rebel Wilson, Jason Derulo, James Corden, Ian McKellen, Idris Elba, and Judi Dench (among others). The first trailer showed them in ... very ... interesting cat-form, a blend of CG and motion capture that still has us scratching our heads. It was a lot. So is the plot of Cats, in fact.

Cats, fittingly, is about cats. A lot of cats. They remind you of this the entire musical. They sing about being cats and doing cat things. Also, they are all competing with one another to see which one is worthy enough to DIE, ascend to the afterlife known as the Heaviside Layer, and perhaps be reborn. Did we mention they’re cats?

As with a lot of of other jarring movie and television (see Geralt’s silver wig, Detective Pikachu, Sonic the Hedgehog, among others), people across social media immediately dog piled on the moment to see who could make the funniest (and most cursed) Cats edit.

Turns out, the Cats trailer works very well when set to horror movie music. Observe:

But it’s not just horror movie remixes. What about Oscar bait musical dramas?

Of course, the appearance of the cats allows for some quality visual spoofing. Anything even vaguely cat-like can be “Cats (2019)” if you believe hard enough.

Of course, there were inevitable comparisons to the other, vaguely realistic, cat-like, humanoid movie trailer that came out this year. Uh ... meow, anyone? Anyways, you can all stop making the Sonic joke now because we get it.


Of course, we’d be negligent if we didn’t include the absolute, singular Cats (2019) meme tweet that managed to get Jaboukie Young-White, a comedian and Daily Show correspondent, briefly suspended from Twitter. After changing his icon and display name to that of the Cats official Twitter account, he tweeted, “The cats in Cats (2019) will have realistic spiked penises.” Cue suspended account.

He’s back now, though, so fear not. Thank you for your service, Jaboukie.

We’ll leave off with this.

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