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Dr. Mario World trailer shows off multiplayer

How skills and stats will work on the mobile game

A new trailer for Dr. Mario World showed up on YouTube today, showing off the game’s multiplayer component for the first time.

The mobile game shares many of the same Tetris-like mechanics that made the franchise so addictive. This time around, fans will be able to integrate their social media accounts with the game to find multiplayer opponents. The final version will include hooks for both Facebook and Line, a free social messaging application, allowing friends to share stamina-giving hearts with each other.

Today’s trailer reveals a few new details about the game. Players will be able to choose from an assortment of iconic characters from the Super Mario Bros. universe. Each character has a discrete skill. Princess Peach, for instance, can remove a random row from the stage. Meanwhile, Toad deletes five random objects anywhere on the board. Stats will also play a role in multiplayer. Players with a higher attack value will be able to lob more viruses over the fence, while those with a higher defense value will have a natural immunity to some of them.

Dr. Mario World is due out on iOS and Android July 10. The initial download will be free, but expect the game to have for-pay elements at launch. Nintendo has said that five worlds will be available at launch, with additional levels becoming available over time.

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