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Rainbow Six Siege heads to the Old West in this new event

Yee haw, operators

a man holding a gun comes out of a building with an explosion going off behind him
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Rainbow Six Siege is a very modern game, what with all of the operators using their high-tech gadgets in an elaborate game of breaching and clearing. But what if Siege went to a humbler place? The newest showdown event answers this question by turning Rainbow Six into a Western.

From July 2 to July 16, players will be able to participate in a 3v3 showdown. This action looks a lot closer to Red Dead Redemption than Rainbow Six, with attackers and defenders fighting over the objective of Fort Truth. Fort Truth is a brand new map specifically for this event.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Old West unless the operators were decked out in cosmetics to match. From sheriff's hats to old timey shotgun, players will be able to unlock Western themed cosmetics for Ash, Glaz, Capitao, Twitch, Maverick, Caveira, Maestro, Rook, Alibi, and Kaid. There are 31 items in total, and each showdown pack can be purchased for 300 R6 credits. There are no duplicates in a pack.

Logging in during the event grants players a free Showdown Collection Pack, and completing Ubisoft Club Event challenges will earn another pack and unique weapon skin for the BOSG.12.2.

Rainbow Six Siege is getting increasingly creative with their events. It’s unlikely we’ll see this event used as inspiration for a new game, in the same way that Outbreak led to Rainbow Six Quarantine ... but it looks like a fun change of pace from the usual style of gameplay. The event kicks off Tuesday.

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