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Infinity Train trailer and first episode arrives at the SDCC station right ahead of release

All aboard!

The highly-anticipated Infinity Train got a new trailer at San Diego Comic-Con ahead of its August premiere, and fans will also be able to watch its first episode a full two weeks before the series’ debut on Cartoon Network’s VOD platforms.

The series started off as a short back in 2016, created by Regular Show writer and storyboard artist Owen Dennis. It garnered 1 million views over the course of a month and a petition at launch the series amassed nearly 57,000 signatures before the show was officially greenlit.

Infinity Train follows a 12-year-old girl named Tulip (Ashley Johnson) who finds herself trapped on an endless train, with each car opening up into a pocket dimension. With the help of Atticus (Ernie Hudson), a corgi king, and a dual-personality robot named One-One (played by both Dennis and Jeremy Crutchley), Tulip traverses through the train, trying to find her way back home. But a menacing robot named Steward threatens to derail (ha) Tulip’s quest.

Infinity Train is set for a five-night premiere event starting on Aug. 5 at 7:30 p.m.. Cartoon Network made the first episode of the series available to watch on the Cartoon Network app and site.

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