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Another weird Overwatch teaser hints at Hero 31

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Who is Hero 31?

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch is in an interesting state right now, with big changes to the way players can queue for games. There might be a new hero on the horizon as well, if today’s Twitter teaser from Blizzard is any indication. Twitter is a popular way for Blizzard to hint at upcoming Overwatch heroes, like the multi-stage campaign to reveal Wrecking Ball, the tiny hamster with a giant mech.

In the teaser, a developer update from game director Jeff Kaplan on “popular topics” is interrupted by soft music, a black hole consuming the feed, and then mathematical equations. Is Jeff okay? Can anyone check on him? Mr. Kaplan?

UPDATE 21/7/2019: A second teaser has been put on Twitter that shows us a little more of Hero 31. It looks like some kind of medical or scientific uniform with a badge. There’s more of that piano melody, but the camera lurches and color changes suggest that something is unstable. Very curious!

All we know is that this hero seems to be based around math or gravity. We also know the next hero will be male, as game director Jeff Kaplan noted that “he would be awesome” in the most recent developer update. The music might be another clue, but we can’t be certain quite yet.

We can also guess that this hero will have a very specific purpose to fulfill on a team. With the recent role queue that means players have to choose tank, support, or damage, Blizzard has toned down hybrid characters like Brigitte so they fit one role more clearly. A gravity based character might be able to control a battlefield. We’ll have to wait to find out more details, but we can likely expect Hero 31 to emerge from the shadows sooner rather than later.