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Oh crap, the #brands are making Super Mario Maker 2 levels

Commence au advergaming

Super Mario Maker 2 screen showing a list of levels designed by Wendy’s Screenshot via Go Nintendo

I suppose this was inevitable: #brands are now making Super Mario Maker 2 levels.

Arby’s Twitter, the Very Online personification of a giant cowboy hat logo, started the bandwagon at the beginning of July by designing this level in the Super Mario Bros. 3 style. Mario reaches for money in the form of the fast food company’s slogan while he dodges healthier meal choices allegorized as Cheep Cheeps. Dry Bones, symbolizing the colorectal cancer Mario faces from a diet high in red meat and processed foods, awaits him at the end.

Now it appears that Wendy’s has gotten in on the action. Go Nintendo notes they have made an entire world of levels, spanning “Frosty World” to “Rest in Grease.” Frosty World actually looks kind of worthwhile? Go Nintendo’s player was impressed, as was writer and researcher Brendan Keogh.

No word if Mercedes-Benz is again getting into the game itself, as it did with the first Super Mario Maker. These are the only two we’ve spotted so far, but as these fast food trendsetters’ less hip-to-it rivals catch on, expect more. Super Mario Maker 2 is a form of social media, after all.

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