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Dragon Quest Builders 2 players can’t get over how villagers poop

The importance of number two

A handful of happy farmers celebrate in front of a large bell in Dragon Quest Builders 2 Omega Force, Square Enix/Nintendo via Polygon

As the name implies, Dragon Quest Builders 2 allows players to develop locales through the use of a crafting system. You break resources down, and then use those materials to build other, grander things — for yourself, but also for villagers that you recruit onto your lands.

Villagers will make requests for specific things, and once you make that thing, they’ll use it. This is a great detail, as it means that players will become invested in the livelihoods of their citizens. I’ve definitely spent way too much time making something elaborate for a cute villager. The thing is, just because you put effort into making something doesn’t mean the recipients will make the best use of it.

Over the last week, Dragon Quest 2 players are finding out that the in-game AI isn’t very bright. More specifically, when you build a bathroom for your citizens, they will all line up for a single latrine even if you make more than one. Actually, in some games, villagers will just perpetually stand in line for the loo.

“I literally had a line of 10 people waiting to poop,” says Jeff Ramos, Polygon engagement editor, on what happened after he built his first outhouse.

Why would villagers flock to the bathroom? Well, the game turns poop into a crafting material, which means that some players are optimizing their bathroom builds.

Well, most people. Others are intentionally being evil about how their villagers are allowed to relieve themselves.

I wouldn’t feel too bad for the villagers, though — not when they pull stuff like this off.

The best part about all of this has to be that, inevitably, some players enjoying the game on the Switch will likely be sitting on a toilet while watching their villagers take a poop, too. Ah, the circle of life.

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