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PUBG’s new Aftermath Survivor Pass is bringing vehicle skins to the game

The season 4 pass brings more than 70 new cosmetic items to the game

Soldiers on opposing sides face each other on a battlefield in artwork from PUBG of some of the jackets, skins, and cosmetics in the Aftermath battle pass PUBG Corp.
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The fourth season of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is here, and while the main attraction is the new version of Erangel, it isn’t the only thing that came with this season’s patch. PUBG Corp. also added another Survivor Pass, PUBG’s version of the battle pass, to the game for season 4. It’s called Aftermath.

Just like previous PUBG Survivor Passes, the Aftermath pass is filled with cosmetic items. The pass has around 75 cosmetic items that players can earn by leveling up their passes. To earn levels players will need XP, which can be earned either through playing matches or through completing specific missions like using a certain weapon, or healing yourself a certain number of times.

There’s also a new mission system this season called the Co-op Mission. Progress for this mission will be earned by every single PUBG player who will all be collectively working toward rewards that every player with the Aftermath pass will have access to once unlocked.

The Aftermath pass is also bringing a new type of cosmetic to the game with the new “Red-Zoned” UAZ skin. There are also plenty of new weapon skins, clothing, and jackets that Aftermath adds to the game’s already massive cosmetic collection.

The Aftermath pass is available now on PC. Players can purchase it from the PUBG store for $9.99.

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