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The new Gemini Man trailer asks: Is there such a thing as too much Will Smith?

To mark a difference between the older and younger characters played by Smith, director Ang Lee had a specific note

We’ve always known that Ang Lee’s Gemini Man would pit Will Smith against himself, but the latest trailer reveals a bit more about exactly how it’s going to go down.

Smith plays Henry, an aging assassin who, of course, is trying to get out of the game. Unfortunately, Junior, his clone, is on his tail, having been sent by the very same boss, played by Clive Owen. It’s clear that Junior is going through a sort of existential crisis, exacerbated by the way that Clive’s boss character has taken on the role of his father figure.

What’s fascinating about the film is that Lee apparently asked Smith to act worse in his scenes as Junior. “He’s like, ‘I need you to act less good,’” Smith said during a press conference. “He would show me some of my old performances of things and would say, ‘Look at this, for a reference. That’s not good. I need you to do that.’”

There’s certainly a difference in mannerism between Henry and Junior, though a full assessment of the two Smith performances will have to wait until the movie actually hits screens on Oct. 11.

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