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Cat barfs in Twitch streamer’s PC, knocking him off air

Does that graphics card have 9Lives? It does now

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Science has proven that nothing causes humans to act faster than the sound of a cat horking up a steamy cartridge of Fancy Feast. And yet this Twitch streamer was still too late to save his broadcast.

Joe, who streams as JadedBlue, was in the middle of Escape from Tarkov on Wednesday when his cat waltzed in and announced he had something important to share. “Hey, what’s the matter, buddy?” Joe says. Solid and liquid is the matter, as the cat’s lunch makes an encore appearance, followed by Twitch’s cheerful technical difficulties card.

Joe reported back via Twitter what had happened. [Content warning: Cat throw-up.]

Looks like kitty puked directly into the topside vent of Joe’s PC, which sits on the floor. As a cat owner who has seen one get off a cat tree, walk into the dining room, and barf directly into a floor vent there, the floor seems like an unwise location for an expensive piece of consumer electronics. “This has been a fear of mine ever since I’ve owned an open top case,” correctly notes ResetEra commenter Gluka.

“A friend’s cat pissed in an open case PC and on a brand new graphic card,” claimed Claven (who, I mean really, is likely the “friend” here). “The cable management is worse than the puke,” observed PlayALLTheGames.

Others performed a forensic examination of the evacuated contents. I can tell you straight away that’s Friskies Shreds, probably the Whitefish and Sardines in Sauce. My cats eat that like they’re on Social Security, and it made the oldest ralph like Mr. Creosote.

For the record, Joe said the cat wasn’t standing on the computer; he was atop his desk above the computer and hurled into it. Nonetheless, he is out of action until he recovers or, worse, replaces his hardware.

“It’s shut the computer off and when I was cleaning it out it looked like it went directly into my graphics card,” he said. Joe has 132 followers on Twitch and hasn’t appeared since his furry ward blew chunks in his rig. So my dude would probably appreciate a donation, just sayin’.

Update: Joe checked in to Twitter this afternoon to say the cat (named Kelsier) is OK, and just had a stomach bug. The gaming PC, however, not so lucky.

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