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Bungie fixing Destiny 2’s Lord of Wolves weapon next week, rewarding players

Players who suffered Lord of Wolves and Prometheus Lens will get exclusive emblems

Image of Hunter holding the Lord of Wolves shotgun in Destiny 2 Bungie
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For nearly two months, a single weapon has cursed Destiny 2 players in the Crucible: the Lord of Wolves shotgun. With the Solstice of Heroes holiday patch coming next week, Bungie is finally shipping a fix for Lord of Wolves in PvP.

Bungie’s intended nerf to the Lord of Wolves at the season’s start backfired, and while the studio successfully reigned in the weapon for most activities, it has dominated the game’s multiplayer.

Bungie acknowledged the weapon was a problem last month, but claimed it wouldn’t be able to fix it until later in the season in an effort to avoid crunch. As a reward for players’ patience, Bungie is offering an exclusive emblem to commemorate the season that Lord of Wolves broke the Crucible.

In next week’s patch, Bungie is lowering the potency of Lord of Wolves at range. Shotgun Scavenger armor perks will give reduced ammo to Lord of Wolves as well. While Bungie is nerfing Lord of Wolves’ range in any state, the decrease is more drastic when the weapon has the Release the Wolves perk active, which doubles its shots fired.

Image of the Wolves Unleashed emblem in Destiny 2 Bungie

To earn the Wolves Unleashed emblem (pictured above), players need to have completed a match of Iron Banner in Season of Opulence. It was active between June 18 and June 25, and is active again from Tuesday, July 23 to the day the patch drops on July 30. Eligible players will earn a new Triumph next week, which also unlocks the emblem.

A image of the Prismatic Inferno emblem in Destiny 2 Bungie

Old school Destiny 2 players will remember when the Exotic trace rifle Prometheus Lens did more damage to players than intended when Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris first released — a similar situation to Lord of Wolves now. In early December 2017, Prometheus Lens made the Crucible nearly unplayable in what Bungie called “Laser Tag Weekend.” Players who played during that weekend will earn the Prismatic Inferno emblem (pictured above).

Players can use this helpful web tool to check their play activity in Destiny 2.

Bungie explained that while it never intends for these kinds of balance-breaking bugs to hit the game, sometimes they can be exciting for players. These emblems are a way for players to remember the good times they had and to show off they were there while the Crucible was horribly busted.

Beyond Lord of Wolves, Bungie is changing a few other things in Destiny 2 on July 30. A few Tributes in the Tribute Hall will become easier to get, and Bungie will make the Iron Banner easier to complete. Players who complete Heroic Menagerie will get a sword for their first time.

Bungie will release the full patch notes before Solstice of Heroes launches on July 30.

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