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Overwatch players protested latest Moira change, and Blizzard listened

Sorry, Moira, you can get stunned again

Overwatch - Moira exits her Fade ability Blizzard Entertainment
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Moira is a tricky healer.

Unlike her fellow Overwatch supports, she has a finite amount of healing juice to distribute. In a recent Public Test Realm update, Blizzard attempted to buff her up a little by allowing her to use Fade while stunned. Fade makes Moira invulnerable and speeds her up, allowing her to get out of sticky situations and quickly reposition herself.

Blizzard explained the buff in the patch notes:

Moira has always been good at healing and dealing damage, but she offers very little utility compared to the other healers. This change reinforces her evasive nature and allows her potentially save her team from area stuns such as Reinhardt’s Earthshatter.

But this change lead to outcry on social media, including notes from players like the Washington Justice’s Nikola “sleepy” Andrews.

The most recent patch has already reverted the change.

Moira is now back to her normal, stunnable self, and we can assume this version of Moira will persist through the next live patch in both standard and professional play.

PTR stands for Public Test Realm, and everything on there is subject to change, reversion, or tweaks. Reverting a buff before it hits the live servers, where the majority of people play, is unusual and suggests that Blizzard was surprised at the results of the change and the strength of fan and player reaction.

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