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Deleted Avengers: Endgame scene hints at what happened to Gamora

But WHY is Gamora (trending on Twitter)?

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Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War, staring off into the distance on a spaceship Marvel Studios

Gamora is trending on Twitter after a deleted scene reveals what happened to her after the final battle in Avengers: Endgame. The scene, which was released by USA Today as an exclusive clip, shows the lingering moments after the battle.

[Ed. note: major spoilers for Endgame ahead.]

The scene picks up immediately after Tony’s Big Hero Move and sacrifice in order to defeat Thanos. As Pepper kisses his cheek, the remaining Avengers take a knee to show their respect. It begins with Hawkeye, followed by Black Panther and Captain Marvel, until everyone is kneeling. That is, everyone except Gamora, who is actually 2014’s Gamora and may not even know who Tony Stark is.

Gamora’s fate was one of the major questions following Endgame. We assumed that she probably disappeared back to space. After all, 2014 Gamora was technically still part of Thanos’ army. She probably had some things to sort out having betrayed her adoptive father and witnessed his death at the hands of the Avengers.

Ultimately, the scene was cut due to its redundancy. “It’s a beautiful scene with moving performances, but we filmed it prior to Tony Stark’s funeral,” directors Joe and Anthony Russo told USA Today. “The funeral scene ultimately became a more resonant and emotional reflection on Tony’s death for us.”

Of course, people couldn’t resist making jokes about Gamora caring exactly zero percent about Tony’s death:

We’ll presumably find out where she ended up in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, which currently has no release date, but will likely follow the slate of Phase 4 movies and TV shows that Marvel announced at San Diego Comic-Con.

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