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Doom’s login will be patched out (Update)

Our short national nightmare is over

Joke screen requesting players login to to play Sonic the Hedgehog Name Cannot Be Blank/Twitter

A day after the first three Doom games surprise-launched on consoles and mobile devices, Bethesda Softworks says it’ll remove the login requirement that delivered so many hilarious day-zero memes.

Bethesda passed word of the login walkback this morning. It was in the game in the first place because Slayers Club members would get a reward for playing the classic Dooms, and the login is the means of tracking it.

It was a one-time login, but still nettlesome enough for meme-makers to torch it via Twitter throughout yesterday afternoon. None of the versions released (for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, plus Android and IOS devices) have online multiplayer, so no one could get WTF they had to use (or create) a account.

The original Doom has been available on iOS and Xbox platforms before. The games are $4.99 for Doom and Doom 2, and $9.99 for Doom 3. Bethesda launched them to coincide with the first day of QuakeCon 2019, which is all about the next game in the franchise, Doom Eternal.

Anyway, with this mystery solved and resolved, let’s look back on my favorite Login Meme from this one-day era in video game history (/presses play).

This has been a Masters Moment with your host Owen Good.

Update (Aug. 16): The requirement was indeed patched out of Doom and Doom 2 on Thursday, Aug. 15.

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