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Breath of the Wild player turns Master Cycle into ultimate killing machine

Holy shit

Link rides on the Master Cycle motorcycle in a screenshot from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s DLC pack. Nintendo

The Zelda motorcycle is already a fine piece of machinery that allows players to attack enemies, but even so, there are limits to what players can do. Fortunately, Breath of the Wild glitch hunters are not beholden to petty things like “rules.”

I’ve become obsessed with tuissu’s Breath of the Wild footage, as the player has figured out how to make Link ride his Master Cycle while standing on it. This, in turn, allows tuissu to hold out a weapon — like say, an elemental sword — and absolutely wreak havoc on Link’s surroundings. tuissu merely has to touch Link’s enemies to light them up. It’s amazing to watch unfold:

Ever-intrepid, tuissu also likes to use the Master Cycle to launch themselves across vast distances:

How are we still finding so many new things about Breath of the Wild? Last week, glitch hunters figured out how to allow Link to ride Sidon everywhere. Will the wonders never cease.

You can watch this bike glitch against the final boss of the game below:

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