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How well does Wolfenstein: Youngblood run on Nintendo Switch?

It’s blurry, but functional

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is the sort of graphically intensive third-party game that doesn’t often make it to Nintendo Switch, but Bethesda has been releasing ports of its games on Nintendo’s portable for some time now. So how well does this Wolfenstein release hold up on the least powerful modern console?

Digital Foundry released a detailed video about how well the game runs on both Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X, and you can watch the whole thing at the top of this post if you want to see the game in action. The takeaways are pretty simple, however.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is blurry on Nintendo Switch, and the game struggles to maintain 30 frames per second at 720p when docked. Both the resolution and frame rate can dip during intense firefights, and the game spends much more time at the 540p resolution when played in portable mode, although the smaller screen helps hide some of the graphical sins.

Hopefully, Bethesda will give Wolfenstein: Youngblood updates that improve the visuals, no matter how small, as it did with Doom on Switch.

Still, it’s playable on Switch, it just won’t look nearly as clear or smooth as it does on other platforms. Whether or not the visual tradeoff is worth the portability is up to you.

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