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GTA Online’s rarest car can only be won in the casino

Everyone wants the Vapid Lost Slamvan

A screenshot of the Vapid Lost Slamvan vehicle with its doors, trunk and hood open, from Grand Theft Auto 5. GTA Wiki

For years, Grand Theft Auto Online players have been obsessed with the Vapid Lost Slamvan, a vehicle that is unremarkable except for the fact that there is no normal way to obtain it. Players could use the Lost Slamvan in story missions, but they couldn’t actually keep the lowrider. Some players circumvented this through the use of glitches, but Rockstar was adamant about keeping the car blacklisted from fans. Los Santos residents soon discovered that placing the car into a garage guaranteed that the Lost Slamvan would be deleted from your inventory.

“The fact that it’s sexy as fuck is undeniable, but the fact that it was unobtainable made it extremely desirable,” said Dirty_Worka, leader of one of the Reaper Lords, a top GTA Online and Red Dead Online clan. The Lost Slamvan is a variation on the base Slamvan, which can simply be purchased from the game. Unlike the basic version, the Lost Slamvan has tweaked tail lights, license plates, and liveries.

“The reality is, the thing is almost undriveable!” Dirty_Worka continued. “It has insane horse power and slides all over the road ... but the raw power, murdered look, and outlawed status make it a cult classic.”

With the release of GTA Online’s casino, things have changed. The update introduces a Lucky Wheel that players can spin once per day for a prize, free of charge. Initially, there’s a one in 20 chance that you can win a “mystery prize.” Mystery prizes can be nearly anything, from a pack of cigarettes to a T-shirt. Vehicles are a category of mystery prize, and according to the GTA Wiki, there’s only a 14 percent chance you’ll win a car after landing on the Lucky Wheel. From here, GTA Online pulls from a longer list of available vehicles. All things told, you only have less than ~0.005 percent chance of getting a Lost Slamvan from the Lucky Wheel’s mystery prize — which makes it the rarest car in the entire game.

This nugget of information has sent hardcore GTA Online players into a frenzy: Finally, there’s a legit way of earning one of the most coveted cars in Los Santos! (Unless you’re on PC, as there are reports that the Lost Slamvan is glitched on there.) Some players are reportedly spinning the Lucky Wheel every chance they get, in the hopes of obtaining the car. Most, however, seem to be resorting to glitches to get the car, as now the game apparently allows you to keep the Slamvan once you have it.

“I bitched and moaned for years after Rockstar took my vans from me,” said GTA Forums member LeakyLine. “And four years later, the Lost Slamvan is mine again.”

“I never imagined I would see the day where Rockstar unblacklisted it, and see so many players still being interested in a vehicle that was added four years ago,” said GTA Forums member Classique.

“It’s like seeing your crush again,” the forum-goer continued, “But where the flame hasn’t died after so many years. It’s kind of like Romeo and Juliet; a forbidden love that still happened. And Juliet has visually not aged a tiny bit. I am so glad to say that owning the Forbidden Van is no longer a sin.”

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