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Respawn announces the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational tournament

Competitive Apex Legends is heading to Krakow, Poland

Apex Legends - Bangalore standing on a ridge Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
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The Apex Legends competitive scene is already booming. With one tournament under its belt, and another one on the way next month, Respawn Entertainment announced the game’s next big competition: The Apex Legends Preseason Invitational.

The invitation-only tournament will included 80 teams from around the world, specifically chosen by Respawn. These teams will then face off for their share of the $500,000 prize pool. Respawn will host the tournament in Krakow, Poland, from Sept. 13-15. Because the event is by invitation only, there will be no qualifier for this tournament. Instead, teams will have to register on the Apex Legends website to have a chance at being selected.

While the invitational is certainly a major tournament, it isn’t the first that Apex has had. Apex’s first major tournament was the EXP Pro-Am from earlier this month. In early August, the game will have its biggest tournament yet at the 2019 X Games. The X Games tournament will be a combination of invited teams and teams from online qualifiers that were held for the tournament back in June.

All of these competitions are part of Apex Legends’ pre-season. It isn’t clear yet what will happen after that, when the game’s first real competitive season begins, but it’s possible that Respawn may have plans for either a more regulated tournament structure, or a seasonal or league setup similar to League of Legends’ LCS or the Overwatch League.

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