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PlayStation Plus offers Wipeout Collection, Sniper Elite 4 in August

Don’t forget to download July’s PS Plus titles

Two hovercars race past an explosion in a screenshot from the Wipeout Omega Collection Sony Studio Liverpool/Sony Interactive Entertainment
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PlayStation Plus subscribers will get access to futuristic racing game Wipeout Omega Collection and World War II shooter Sniper Elite 4 as part of the subscription service in August. Both PlayStation 4 titles will be available from Aug. 6 to Sept. 2 through PS Plus.

Wipeout Omega Collection, originally released in June 2017, includes high-definition remasters of Wipeout 2048, Wipeout HD, and that game’s HD Fury expansion. It features online multiplayer for up to eight players and local two-player competitive racing. The collection is compatible with PlayStation VR, and currently costs $19.99 from the PlayStation Store.

Sniper Elite 4 was released in February 2017, and sends elite marksman Karl Fairburne to wartime Italy to fight alongside the Italian Resistance. Sniper Elite 4 features a single-player campaign, four-player co-op, and online multiplayer. The third-person shooter currently costs $59.99 from the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Plus subscribers can still download July’s titles, Detroit: Become Human (which includes a copy of another Quantic Dream game, Heavy Rain) and Horizon Chase Turbo. Those titles are available via PS Plus until Aug. 5.

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