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3D artist gives the Death Stranding trailer a retro remake

New baby, meet old baby

Visual effects and 3D artist David Poster, also known as @Hoolopee on Twitter, recreated the Death Stranding reveal trailer as a Playstation 1 game. First announced in 2016, Death Stranding is an action game and the latest title from Hideo Kojima, director of the Metal Gear Solid series.

The video replicates the Death Stranding announcement trailer from E3 2016 frame by frame with Playstation-era graphics. It incorporates all the elements from the original trailer, including the music, camera angles, and cuts. The only difference is the change in graphics.

Many on social media have taken note of the remake, including Kojima himself, who retweeted the video. Kojima did not comment on the trailer.

For reference, here is a side-by-side comparison of two babies.

Playstation baby
David Poster (@Hoolopee)
Playstation 4 baby
Kojima Productions

The main character, Sam Porter Bridges, is perfect. He looks like a nutrient deprived version of himself in the Playstation 1 version. This video receives a ten out of ten, since I would rather not be held by the beefy Playstation 4 man.

The video illustrates nicely how much graphics have developed since the first Playstation, but it is fun to see the trailer in a different way. The retro remake feels fitting given Kojima’s long-running ties to the Playstation through the Solid Snake series.

Death Stranding comes to Playstation 4 Nov. 8, 2019.

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