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Isabelle can drink ‘vacation juice’ in Pocket Camp, and we’re here for it

Momma needs her juice

a cartoon dog splashing the Pokemon Squirtle Nintendo

Pocket Camp, the mobile take on Animal Crossing, is radiating some heavy wine mom energy recently with the addition of a special event item called “vacation juice.” The funny thing is, vacation juice sure looks a whole lot like a mixed alcohol drink.

I mean...

But, if you need further evidence, look at what happens when our lovable Shih Tzu starts drinking this tasty beverage:

Can you blame her, though? Isabelle works hard keeping your town in shape. She deserves a little vacation juice.

The internet at large seems to think so, too. “Vacation juice” has kicked off a number of jokes and memes. Some are celebratory, but many boil down to damn, I want some of that, too. Take a look:

Why not just call it what it is? Well, likely it has to do with Animal Crossing’s audience, which definitely includes minors. It’s not uncommon for children’s media to include stuff that seems like alcohol, only for it to be called something else — and that’s likely what happened here.

Whatever it is, I need Isabelle to pass the pitcher.

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