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5 things to know from Tennocon, the Warframe fan con

Here’s the biggest announcements from Tennocon 2019

Digital Extremes

There’s BlizzCon, GuardianCon, QuakeCon, and dozens more conventions celebrating a specific game or its community. Players who are into the free-to-play loot shooter Warframe have Tennocon. This conference in London, Ontario, is relatively small compared to bigger celebrations from more prominent studios. That said, much like Warframe, the convention was packed full of surprises and gave a detailed look at what’s coming in 2019 and beyond. Here are the biggest announcements.

Empyrean expansion

The next expansion coming to Warframe isn’t an expansion in the traditional sense. Instead of a new, isolated environment, Empyrean is an expansion built with existing game worlds and systems. A new player-owned and customized spaceship, the Railjack, serves as the vehicle to explore new parts of old worlds, and engage in massive fleet battles against old enemies. We break down the Tennocon demo, and what players can expect, in this piece. Needless to say, this is the star announcement of Tennocon, and it holds a lot of promise.

The Duviri Paradox

A big part of Warframe is mowing down countless enemies, and we’re about to get a new flavor of bad guy. The Duviri Paradox introduces the newest enemy faction, the Planes of Duviri. We get to see equine mounts, a monochrome world, a space dragon, and weird, unnerving tech. This trailer gives us a strong idea of what to expect thematically from the Duviri, even if we aren’t sure how exactly they’ll shake out in Warframe’s story.

The New War

Warframe players are engaged in the story of their characters and progression, and the upcoming chapter in that tale is called The New War. The New War’s trailer is a stylish glimpse at upcoming content. This narrative chapter is meant to expand the world of Warframe and provide lots of lore for fans. We can expect this narrative chapter to precede Empyrean in the release schedule, and to arrive for Christmas 2019.

Nightwave Series 2

Warframe is getting another battle pass style system of unlocks with the second Nightwave Series. These otherworldly unlocks include a new, flesh-and-bone textured, purple and gold longsword skin, a similarly creepy shoulderpad, the Emissary Operator set and sigil, and other goodies that players can keep on their ship. NIghtwave Series 2 launches tonight on all platforms.

Go to ... outer space?

No, not the outer space of Warframe. Digital Extremes is actually holding a contest where they will contribute $250,000 toward sending a fan to space. Actual outer space. This is pretty wild. BioWare launched copies of Mass Effect 3 into space, but Digital Extremes is offering the chance for fans to go up there instead, which is a power move. The contest closes at the end of 2019, and playing Warframe is enough to join the running.

Tennocon also had a series of smaller treats, including the reveal of a new Wukong Prime Warframe that draws inspiration from the mythical monkey king, and a series of statues, escape room experiences, and cosplays out on the convention floor. Warframe remains a weird, dense game, but Tennocon is a good example of how it has cultivated such a passionate fanbase. This year’s selection of content is intriguing, and it may raise Warframe’s star through the rest of 2019 and into 2020.

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