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Elite: Dangerous gets humongous space carriers in December

Newbie pilots get a training program in September

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Enormous fleet carriers arrive to Elite: Dangerous in December, Frontier Developments announced yesterday in the teaser video above.

It literally is only a teaser, a beauty shot of Battlestar Gastonia fleeing the Cylon tyranny. For more, we turn to Lavecon, an Elite fan event held this weekend in London, where Frontier talked more extensively about the September update. That will bring better, or at least more guided onboarding to the Elite experience for new players. Speaking as someone who picked it up on Xbox One and felt mainly that I was Elite Dangerous to myself and others, this is welcome news.

Per this post on Elite’s official fora, the “In Ship Starter Experience” will put n00bs in a loaned Sidewinder and take them through “essential pilot training by a flight instructor from the Pilots Federation.” The lessons include scanning, basic flight controls, a supercruise tutorial, a combat exercise, and then a final exam involving a hyperspace jump and docking at a starport.

Easy stuff for vets, but for people with a high degree of FOMO nonetheless intimidated by the instrument panel and have trouble releasing a parking brake IRL, trust me, the assistance is appreciated.

For longer tenured players, the news is a rebranded virtual currency, to something called Arx (from “Frontier Points.” This can be bought for real money as well as earned through play time, and will buy customizations and cosmetics for players’ ships. Frontier said this will unify the game’s cosmetics marketplace across all platforms while introducing the ability to earn customizations through gameplay. Commanders will also be able to change their ship’s appearance from the main menu.

The forum post has more, and for more questions about Arx, here’s an FAQ.

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