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Here’s what Stranger Things looks like as a retro anime

Steve Harrington is the perfect anime boy, and you can’t convince me otherwise

Just in time for Stranger Things 3, a new unofficial Stranger Things animated short takes the series’ familiar characters and monsters and reimagines them as ... anime.

Distributed by animation network Octopie and created by animation studio Humoring the Fates, the short covers the first two seasons of Stranger Things as if it was, according to the studio, an “80s anime.” Hitting iconic moments like Joyce Byers’ wall of lights and Steve taking a baseball bat to a herd of demodogs, the video stylistically transitions through the series’ different eras, giving a nod to favorite characters along the way while taking some artistic liberties.

One of these is, uh, zombie Barb. Or maybe cyber Barb? If you recall all the way back to season 1, Barb was Nancy’s best friend until she was kidnapped by the demogorgon. While Will was rescued, Barb was killed and left to rot in the Upside Down, and exploring her death became a major focus in season 2. In the anime universe, Barb lives, either as a creature of the living dead or as some kind of cyborg. Justice for Barb!

Some have pointed out in the YouTube comments that the art style of the short doesn’t particularly align with that of most ’80s anime. Fair. However, the reception seems to be overwhelmingly positive. Come on! It’s anime Steve Harrington! What’s not to like?

Stranger Things 3 is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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