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Destiny 2 players find quest for fan-favorite Exotic Bad Juju

Enter the Tribute Hall to get the quest from Calus

Bungie via Polygon

With the July 9 reset, Destiny 2 players found the first steps to a quest for Bad Juju. Bad Juju was a fan-favorite Exotic pulse rifle in the original Destiny, best known for regenerating players’ Super abilities as they get more kills.

This new quest for Bad Juju in Destiny 2 was first discovered through data mining when Season of Opulence first started. Now that the Tribute Hall area is out in the game, players have found the new Exotic.

Players can start the quest in Calus’ Tribute Hall. There they can start the “Other Side” mission by entering an Ascendant Realm located in the Leviathan. This mission seems very similar to “The Whisper” mission (used to unlock Whisper of the Worm) and “Zero Hour” (used to unlock Outbreak Perfected).

The Destiny 2 version of Bad Juju has a reworked perk called String of Curses, where kills refill the magazine and increase damage. Bad Juju also grants Super energy based on the number of stacks of String of Curses.

Bungie via Polygon

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