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Words With Friends devotee Alec Baldwin is the game’s newest ambassador

Famously booted off a flight for the game, the actor is now a spokesman

An aging man — Alec Baldwin — with gray hair and a tan polo shirt has a mostly neutral expression on his face. He is slightly smirking and holding up an iPhone with a game of Words With Friends on the screen.
Stare into his eyes and feel the friendship.

Alec Baldwin is the newest brand ambassador for popular mobile game Words With Friends, a game with which he has a certain ... history. The partnership is part of Zynga’s ongoing celebration for Words With Friends’ 10-year anniversary — in game speak, “Friendiversary.”

“I have been playing Words With Friends for nearly a decade, on soundstages, in greenrooms, and on airplanes,” said Baldwin in a news release. “It’s great to play a game that engages your intellect and your social side simultaneously — that’s why I spelled ‘Y-E-S’ when Zynga asked me to get involved.”

Wow! That only passing mention of airplanes has me spelling H-M-M-M-M.

Baldwin was famously kicked off of an American Airlines flight in 2011 for refusing to quit his game of Words With Friends when asked by a flight attendant. Per since-deleted tweets regarding the incident, the plane had to return to the gate in order to evict Baldwin from the plane. He eventually was rebooked on another flight to New York City.

“He loves Words With Friends so much that he was willing to leave a plane for it,” Baldwin’s then-spokesperson Matthew Hiltzik told CBS. I wish I could commit to literally anything at that level.

Baldwin isn’t the only public figure who actually still plays Words With Friends. First Reformed director Paul Schrader spoke to Polygon in June 2018 about his filmmaking career and, more importantly, his addiction to the game. However, no one has more fully cemented Words With Friends within the pop culture zeitgeist than Baldwin himself.

“Alec Baldwin and Words With Friends are forever linked in popular culture, and his authentic love for the game resonates with the game’s community,” said Bernard Kim, Zynga’s president of publishing. “Zynga is incredibly honored to be partnering with Alec Baldwin to celebrate the 10-year milestone of our beloved mobile game, Words With Friends.”

The next level of puzzles.

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