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Fortnite fans won’t stop confusing a British man for Tfue

It’s 2fue, not Tfue

Daniel Laws, wearing a “Not Tfue” shirt 2Fue

Daniel Laws is not Turner “Tfue” Tenney, the most famous gamer and Fortnite player on Earth. But Laws sure looks like the battle royale star, and the resemblance is turning his life upside down.

The 23-year-old computer studies major tells Polygon that he gets stopped “at least a few times a week” by fans who think he’s Turner Tenney. The funny thing is, these fans often aren’t discouraged even after he tells them he’s not Tfue.

“I was sitting in Krakow airport and I saw these kids notice me,” Dan says, recalling a memorable encounter. “They walked past me like 30 times to try and see if I was Tfue or not ... one eventually asked me if I was him and still wanted a picture after I said I wasn’t.”

This happens all the time, Laws says — people stop him, ask if he’s Tfue, and after learning the truth, they still want a photo at the end of it. It got bad enough that Dan had to issue a PSA on Reddit, which instantly went viral.

Since then, Dan has started his own Twitch channel—appropriately named 2Fue—and the Tenney connection is helping him kickstart it. Over 1,000 people have signed up to watch Dan play Fortnite, and while he admits that he’s not nearly as good as Tfue, fans still have good reason to take notice. It seems that the two will come together in the near future.

“Tfue has messaged me about coming over to the States so we’ll wait and see when that all gets figured out,” Dan says. “Looks like it will probably be vlog-style content but there really is no limit to what we could do.”

You can follow 2Fue on Twitch here.

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