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Mario Maker 2 glitch turns levels into a psychedelic nightmare

My eyes!

Glitch levels in Super Mario Maker are nothing new, but this time around, player shenanigans have created a sight to behold — literally. Fans are using a Super Mario Maker 2 bug that forces every object in the level to leave a trail of clones as you move. The result is something borderline overwhelming, as you can see in the video above by YouTuber BeardBear.

As Icay displays here, the setup requires the use of multiple doors, a conveyer belt, and an item that prevents you from landing on the other side of a door. While this can be used in a horizontal level, vertical levels are where you really start to see things fall apart. Apparently, pausing and unpausing the game while exploring these hiccups will make the game falter even more.

Players are experimenting with the glitch, and making levels that are truly trippy:

Others are taking advantage of the glitch to make striking visuals reminiscent of an anime intro:

Should you try this, beware: Putting it together in the editor can sometimes result in crashes if you’re not careful. Also, Nintendo has been known to take down glitch levels, so your creation may not survive!

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