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Fate/Zero director has a new anime: a trippy, virtual murder mystery

How to solve a murder when you’re literally falling apart

From director Ei Aoki of Fate/Zero comes a new, immersive anime series that focuses on a murder mystery in an incomprehensible virtual world. The new series, titled ID: Invaded, will be produced by Kadokawa and is set to premiere in 2020.

The virtual world of ID: Invaded is full of tumbling, floating houses, colliding masses of land, and disappearing structures. Its bizarre physics are reminiscent of the dream worlds in films like Paprika and Inception. Sakaido, a detective, finds himself in this world, and is quickly tasked with unraveling the murder of Kaeru, a young girl who was fatally stabbed. It becomes apparent that the unconventional physical rules of the new world aren’t limited to buildings or roads. Throughout the trailer, Sakaido’s body is shown in various states of disconnection.

Novelist Otaro Maijo is set to pen the script, with Daisuke Mataga (Grimoire of Zero) signed on as main animator. Kenjiro Tsuda (Fire Force) will voice Sakaido.

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