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Here’s a six-minute look at Doom Eternal’s multiplayer Battlemode

Two demons, one Slayer

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Doom Eternal will launch with Battlemode, a 2v1 multiplayer mode, that aims to provide single-player’s gory, fast fun in a multiplayer setting. id Software lifted the lid on Battlemode at QuakeCon last month, but if you missed it then, the developer offers this six-minute overview of how Doom multiplayer is changing for Eternal.

In Battlemode, players control of one of five Demons, each with special abilities, health pools, and weapons. id’s video overview shows off three of the playable demons, who will be tasked with taking out a player-controlled Slayer. Victory comes only when the Slayer kills both player-controlled Demons before one can respawn, or when the Slayer is dead.

Here are three of the five demons that will be playable when Doom Eternal launches on Nov. 22:

  • The Revenant: A demon with a jetpack and a dash. This agile all-rounder deals consistent damage through shoulder-mounted rockets, while his special ability delivers heavy long range damage via a targeted rocket barrage.
  • The Pain Elemental: This round boy is able to fly, giving him a bird’s eye view of the map. He’s able to protect himself with a rechargeable soul shield, but he’ll be vulnerable if the Slayer catches him unawares in the sky.
  • The Mancubus: I’m in awe at the size of this lad, and he has firepower to match — heavy cannons and flamethrowers. The mancubus is a meat shield with no mobility, so he will rely on his smoke bombs to get the drop on a Slayer. What an absolute unit.

All of the demon-controlling players are able to lay traps around the map and summon AI-controlled lesser demons. These computer-controlled goons should act like the ones in the campaign, giving the Slayer a healthy challenge as they navigate the map. Demon players can also block resources in an attempt to starve the Slayer of supplies.

If the Slayer is in line of sight of a demon, they will be outlined and visible from afar. Only by breaking the line of sight can the Slayer be able to move undetected. The Slayer also has access to two portals on the map, which means they can cross the field instantly and undetected if they play their cards right.

Meanwhile, the Slayer comes tricked out with guns, mods, and equipment. This role is able to match the action of the single-player campaign protagonist. The Slayer’s job is simple: kill demons, manage resources. Glory-killing demons and chainsawing foes gives the Slayer health and ammo.

The end goal is a gory, dynamic game of cat-and-mouse. The demons are outmatched by the Slayer in a straight one-on-one firefight, but by working together, they can force the Slayer into tough situations and overwhelm them.

Players will also be able to ramp up the action between rounds with upgrades. As a best-of-five match plays out, a demon duo might be able to summon the Baron of Hell, or a Slayer can acquire the BFG.

More Demons and maps will be added to Doom Eternal’s Battlemode for free after the game launches, id says.

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