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Professor, Flayn wants a fish in Fire Emblem

Please get her a fish

A green-haired woman reaches down for a cup of tea Nintendo via Polygon

For a good chunk of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Flayn, a green-haired youngster, seems like a mystery to players. We know she’s Seteth’s younger sister, and that he’s very protective of her. But we don’t really know what her deal is, or why she never seems to leave the monastery. That is, until the story takes a turn.

There’s a point, a handful of chapters into the game, where Flayn is mysteriously abducted from the monastery, and players have to fight the Death Knight to get her back. Seteth reveals that there’s something special about Flayn, and that it’s very likely that enemies want to steal her blood. This heavy revelation is followed by something very silly: a fishing competition.

After you save Flayn, Seteth is beside himself — he wants to make her feel better. Flayn happens to love fish. So, even though there’s a big battle between the houses on the horizon that everyone must prepare for, Seteth arranges for a school-wide fishing competition where everyone gives Flayn the best fish they can catch. Flayn is after something specific, though she can’t remember what fish she likes.

It’s an absurd situation given what happens right before it, but that’s also what makes it very endearing. Fish is just kinda random, you know? Which is exactly what makes it feel realistic — we’re all into stuff that probably sounds weird out of context. Later on you discover there’s a good reason why Flayn loves fish, which makes it more than just a strange gag the developers put in. All of this together might explain why, in the Fire Emblem fandom, Flayn’s fish affinity has become a meme. Players love drawing Flayn with fish, or talking about all the fish they’ll gift her.

Here are some of our favorite jokes and social media posts about Flayn and her beloved fish.

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