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Cloud saves arrive in Epic Games Store update

About a dozen games supported in initial rollout

The Epic Games store logo Epic Games

The Epic Games Store’s latest update rolls out cloud save support, beginning with about 17 games and more to come later. It’s a long awaited feature for many users, and a point of comparison with Steam where Epic’s new storefront came up short.

Cloud saves are part of the latest monthly content update to the store. Epic points out that cloud saves already existed for all Ubisoft titles thanks to Uplay account integration, and some users noticed some games had begun adding in the feature as far back as June.

Of the 17 titles at the outset, many have been offered free to players since the Epic Games Store opened in December. The current free games, Hyper Light Drifter and Mutant Year Zero are supported.

As for why every game does not support cloud saves, Epic said it’s working with other developers to test out the feature “and will be enabling more games over time.” Future games that support cloud saving will have that feature at launch.

The August content update also gives a face-lift to product pages and allows users to link their account with a Humble Bundle account. This means players can buy games straight from Humble without needing a redemption key. They’ll be in their library as soon as the purchase is made.

“We’re looking at more partnerships with highly reputable digital game sellers,” Epic said in an update about the changes.

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