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Apex Legends has a new Octane skin available through Twitch Prime

Octane gets his own Iron Crown-style skin

Octane wearing the Whiplash skin in the Apex Legends skin select menu Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
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Apex Legends has, once again, partnered with Twitch to give players a new skin. This time around the new skin is for Octane, and it’s available to anyone who has Twitch Prime.

The new Octane skin, called Whiplash, seems to fit into a similar armor style as some of the other skins from the game’s recent Iron Crown event. The skin is red and black, with gold accents and lettering and features all the extra grenades and rockets that Octane wouldn’t be caught dead without.

To get this skin, players will need to link their Origin Account to their Twitch Prime account. After players link their accounts they can click the crown in the top right corner of Twitch’s website, where they’ll be able to claim their reward.

These new Twitch Prime skins come at a complicated time for Apex Legends. Developer Respawn Entertainment just released the game’s latest update, which includes new modes and challenges, but the game has come under fire for the update’s cosmetics, which are only accessible through loot boxes.

This is the third time that Twitch has partnered with Apex to give away skins, with the first one arriving just after the game’s launch, and the latest at the beginning of season 2. Based on the Apex Legends page on Twitch, it also looks like a Mirage skin and a weapon skin are on the way soon, but Twitch and Respawn haven’t revealed them yet.

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