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New deleted scene from Super Mario Bros. movie unearthed

The scene will hopefully be part of an eventual Blu-ray re-release

Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

The folks at Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive have taken on the massive task of updating and re-releasing the Super Mario Bros. movie, complete with some newly found deleted scenes. While the site has several of these deleted scenes that it hasn’t shown yet, it did put just one of them on YouTube on Thursday afternoon.

The scene shows Mario and Luigi arriving at a job site at the Riverfront Cafe, only to realize that rival plumbers Doug and Mike are already there. In the original film, Mario and Luigi leave after their discovery, but in this deleted scene they confront the other plumbers, who barely appear later in the movie.

Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive, which is entirely devoted to the 1993 cult classic film, discovered the deleted scenes back in May 2019 on a VHS tape that once belonged to Super Mario Bros. producer Roland Joffé. The tape was part of a larger eBay auction of some of Joffé’s things and contains around 15 minutes of additional scenes not in the original release of the film.

The archival website’s eventual plan is to release these scenes as part of its larger definitive re-release of the movie on Blu-ray. While most of the deleted scenes won’t be watchable until the Blu-ray is released, the site does plan to put up more unseen footage on its YouTube channel in the near future.

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