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Respawn reverses course after Apex Legends loot box controversy

Fans will now be able to purchase Iron Crown skins directly

Gibraltar threatens Mirage in Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
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Earlier this week, Respawn launched the Iron Crown event in Apex Legends. The event introduced a handful of new skins to the game, but all of these cosmetics were locked behind a punishing and expensive loot box mechanic. The reaction from the Apex Legends community was nearly instantaneous, as fans voiced their concerns, feeling that the developer had gone too far with its monetization for the new event.

On Friday afternoon, Respawn’s Drew McCoy published a post on the official Apex Legends site, detailing changes that would be made to the availability of the Iron Crown cosmetics. The gist is that the cosmetics will no longer require loot boxes (though they remain an option if players choose). Instead, individual items can be purchased for 1,800 Apex Coins (about $18 in real-world money).

The cosmetics will roll out for purchase over the course of several days. The schedule can be found here:

Cosmetics schedule for the Iron Crown event in Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

In his post, McCoy wrote that the team still has room for improvement. “We need to be better at letting our players know what to expect from the various event structures in Apex Legends,” he wrote. He went on, stating that the last week “has been a huge learning experience for us and we’re taking the lessons forward to continue bringing the best possible experience to all of you.”

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