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Cross play is coming to PUBG on consoles

PlayStation vs. Xbox starts in September

Characters from PUBG PUBG Corp.
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting cross-platform play on consoles, the game’s developer, PUBG Corp., announced during the Inside Xbox Gamescom presentation on Monday.

There weren’t many details given during the presentation about the new feature, but the developers mentioned at the feature would would pit Xbox One players against PlayStation 4 players. It’s unclear right now if that means that players on the two platforms can create squads together and play in the same group or if the cross play will be limited to competition only.

PC was noticeably absent from the presentation, which likely means that it won’t be included in PUBG Corp.’s cross play plans. In a game like PUBG where aim is critical to success, it’s no surprise that pitting console and PC players against one another wouldn’t be particularly fair. Also absent from the discussion was PUBG Mobile. While a game like Fortnite has unified versions across all platform’s PUBG’s mobile version is entirely different than consoles or PC, so it’s unlikely that it will be included in the cross-platform play either.

The announcement came alongside the game’s season 4 trailer which showed off some of the updates that are headed to the console version of the game. These include the new season 4 Survivor Pass, and the 100-plus rewards that come with it, as well as the new visual update for the Erangel map.

According to developers, the goal is to have PUBG cross-platform play available for testing on the PUBG Test Servers by late September and available for all players on live servers in early October.

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