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New Death Stranding footage shows off pee gameplay

This is a Kojima game, alright

An image of Margaret Qualley’s character Mama from Death Stranding Kojima Productions

It wouldn’t be Gamescom without another Death Stranding trailer, now would it? New footage of Kojima’s delivery service game gives us a closer look at Norman Reedus’ tortured existence as a father who has to manage his pee. You can use the left and right trigger to control the direction of the fluid, though you can’t move the camera to see it first-hand.

The pee can also be used as a weapon. You can see it in action below, at about the minute mark.

If enough players pee in the same spot, “something good will happen,” Kojima teased. During the footage, we saw a mushroom grow bigger as a result of the pee.

Death Stranding will also incorporate interdimensional breastfeeding, apparently.

We also got to see some of Margaret Qualley. Qualley is introduced as Mama, and she’s connected to one of the invisible babies who leave tracks behind.

Her baby has been born on the “other side,” whatever that means. Mama can’t move from her location due to the baby’s condition. The new footage also speaks of a “stillmother,” though the concept is about as confusing as you’d expect.

“Babies are just equipment,” says Guillermo Del Toro’s character, Deadman.

Once again, you may be tempted to ask, “What is this game?” — but it’s probably easier to tell you what it’s not. In the past, Kojima has clarified that Death Stranding is not a stealth game. Instead, Kojima contends that Death Stranding is an action game that focuses on the idea of connection, which is what the whole “strand” thing is about. The official site states that Death Stranding will have asynchronous gameplay where fans will send each other supplies and share safe houses.

Perhaps more importantly, we know that Death Stranding will feature a wide variety of Mads Mikkelsens, including “Mads covered in blood, Mads tied, smoking Mads, variations with Mads’ eyes, Mads with glasses,” Kojima says, as well as “Singing Mads & Mads in battledress.”

The next level of puzzles.

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