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The Witcher 3 out on Switch in October


Europe’s biggest gaming event is underway, and during the opening Gamescom presentation, we got our first extended look at The Witcher 3 running on the Switch. The classic fantasy game will be out on Nintendo’s portable console on October 15, 2019.

The Switch version will come with all of the game’s DLC, which are extensive and excellent. The developers estimate it will take players well over 100+ hours to get through all of the content.

Really, the fact this can run at all while on-the-go still seems like magic. To prove it, the developers released a 41-minute gameplay overview of what you can expect in this port of the game:

Docked, the game runs at 720P, and undocked it runs at 540P. It’s a compromise, to be sure — but being able to take The Witcher 3 anywhere may be worth it. Perhaps I’ll finally finish this behemoth of a game now that I can boot it up on the Switch?

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