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The Hobbs & Shaw post-credits scenes are for dedicated fans only

There are three post-credits scenes to stick around for

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham as the titular Hobbs and Shaw. Universal Pictures

Despite being a Fast and the Furious spinoff, Hobbs & Shaw is pretty beefy, clocking in at two hours and 15 minutes long. That runtime includes the credits, but you should factor that in since there are scenes throughout and at the very end of the credits.

None of them are massively important to the F&F universe, but they are pretty entertaining and worth sticking around for. Here’s the rundown. For family.

[Ed. note: this post contains major post-credit spoilers for Hobbs & Shaw]

Scene 1: Near the start of the credits

Ryan Reynolds’ Locke is introduced near the beginning of Hobbs & Shaw. He’s a former compatriot of Hobbs and enlists him to track down the deadly virus that kicks off the events of the film. In that scene, there’s a running joke where Locke keeps talking about horribly gruesome and violent things in front of Hobbs’ very young daughter. This includes a detailed description of someone getting stabbed with a brick. (Don’t worry, Ryan’s charm makes it seem fun and not abusive.)

The first mid-credits scene is a callback to this. We see Locke on a cell phone, talking about how the virus was taken care of while detailing the potential deadly effects of another virus. The shot cuts to Hobbs’ daughter, on the other end, who says, “You probably want to speak to my dad.”

Once Hobbs is on the line, Locke proceeds to literally spoil the end of Game of Thrones.

Locke to Hobbs: “Can you believe that Game of Thrones ending? Jon Snow has sex with his aunt, kills her, and no one wants to talk about it!”

Scene 2: Middle of the credits

The second scene happens in the middle of the credits and is another callback. Earlier on in the film, Shaw pranks Hobbs with a fake passport with the name “Mike Oxmaul.” Say it out loud and you’ll understand.

In this post-credits scene we see Shaw on the phone with Hobbs. Suddenly Shaw’s building is surrounded by cops, who demand that he come outside with his hands up. Hobbs clearly gave them the tip because the cops then call Shaw “Hugh Janus.” Classy stuff.

Scene 3: After the credits

Ryan returns once again. This time it seems Locke needs an extraction from a particularly violent scene. In yet another callback, he proclaims proudly that he stabbed a guy with a brick. “Turns out it’s not that hard!”

Ok, that’s it. You can leave the theater now.

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