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Fire Emblem: Three houses fans love dragging Seteth and his quests

What is this “whoa” and how do I hit it?

Seteth, a major character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, during a support conversation Fire Emblem Wiki

Fire Emblem: Three Houses hosts a variety of characters, and some of them aren’t quite as hip or welcoming as the kids populating the school. Seteth, the archbishop’s second-in-command, doesn’t take kindly to the player at first. Instead, the Wyvern Rider is cautious and skeptical of the player’s abilities ... but this doesn’t stop Seteth from sending you on quests.

Players have latched onto Seteth’s grouchy, out-of-touch personality — and his tendency to send you on errands — and have erected an entire meme around it. In these jokes, fans Photoshop the quest dialogue screen to make Seteth sound like a baby boomer who has no idea what any of the kids are talking about. Basically, if you remember the the children yelling: McDonalds! McDonalds! McDonalds! meme from last year, Seteth would probably be the “We have food at home” part of the alignment chart.

Here are some of the best Seteth jokes from around the internet — it’s become a template.