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Dragalia Lost event ends with a dragon living her dream as a J-pop idol

The performance features songs by one of the Idolmaster producers

The summer event in Nintendo and CyGames’ mobile game Dragalia Lost has come to a close, and the companies dropped a performance video of the event’s main character, Siren, performing songs as an idol.

The two-part event told the story of Siren, a dragon whose voice was rumored to sink ships, and her desire to perform and sing to people. Throughout the stories, Siren conquers the stigmas against her and becomes an idol who can perform. To celebrate, an adorable video showed her singing, to the praise of the adventurers she met along her journey.

The three songs she sings, titled “Singing in the Rain,” “Polaris,” and “Across the World,” are original songs by producer Taku Inoue, who’s known for his work in the Tekken series, but also the Idolmaster franchise. The video released is reminiscent of the CG-style used in the Idolmaster games, which is no surprise, as CyGames also helps develop Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage.

This isn’t Dragalia Lost’s first dip into music. Another character, Lucretia, had a song as well, though this is the first time a character had a pop song by a producer as prolific as Inoue. Japanese pop-star Daoko also has singles featured in the game as boss battle and menu music.

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