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Metro 2033 is getting a film adaptation

Russian companies promise ‘unprecedented’ investment in making the movie

Metro Redux screenshots
Metro Redux, a remastering of 2010’s Metro 2033.
4A Games/Deep Silver
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novel “Metro 2033,” the basis for 4A Games’ successful and acclaimed Metro series of video games, will be adapted for a movie. Three subsidiaries of a Russian media conglomerate are behind the project.

The Metro 2033 movie is set for a 2022 premiere, according to Variety. Glukhovsky, in a statement, said that for years he turned down pitches to adapt his three novels for the screen, seeing no one capable of doing them justice. “But now I finally met a team that I can entrust Metro with,” he said. “Our ambitions turned out to be similar: to create a world-class blockbuster and stun even those who have read the trilogy and know it by heart.”

Glukhovsky said he would contribute to the production as a creative advisor. Producer Valery Fedorovich called the film “a dream project,” and said the producers — all owned by Gazprom-Media — will “invest an unprecedented sum in the production and promotion of this movie both in Russia and abroad.”

Gazprom-Media is Russia’s largest media company, itself a subsidiary of Gazprom, the energy company. Its TNT-Premier Studios Company, TV-3 channel and Central Partnership film studios will make Metro 2033.

Glukhovsky’s original novel was published in Russian in 2002, and was later translated and published in the United States in 2010. The book was followed by 2009’s “Metro 2034,” and 2015’s “Metro 2035.”

The first video game adaptation, Metro 2033, launched in 2010. that was followed by 2013’s Metro: Last Night and this year’s highly anticipated Metro Exodus, which launched this year. Kiev-based 4A developed all three games.