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Disney reveals Marvel land plans, with Spider-Man and Black Panther rides

Get ready to fly to Wakanda

The Black Panther ride at Marvel Land aka Avengers Campus Disney Parks

It’s no secret that Disney’s been planning Marvel-themed attractions across all its theme parks. From the Stark Expo area in Hong Kong to the Avengers Campus lands in Disneyland Anaheim and Disneyland Paris, the MCU immersive experiences will be the next big theme park land expansions from Disney.

At the D23 Parks and Experiences panel, Bob Chapek, chairman of Disney parks, experiences, and products, announced the first two rides for the land — one set for phase one of the park’s launch in 2020, and another for phase two.

The wraparound story for all three lands involves a Hydra attack on Stark Expo in Hong Kong. Then Thanos attacks! And only then do the Avengers realize: they need help. A lot more help. So they recruit park-goers for their mission.

An artistic rendering of the new Marvel land at Disney California Adventures imagines vehicles, superheroes, and high-tech sites converging around the Guardians of the Galaxy tower attraction. Courtesy of Disney Parks

The first big Marvel attraction coming to Avengers Campus is housed in the Worldwide Engineering Brigade aka WEB, which will house a Spider-Man experience ride-through attraction featuring the much demanded hero. According to Disney, “the attraction gives you a taste of what it’s like to have actual superpowers as you help Spider-Man collect Spider-Bots that have run amok.” Think Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run but with more web-shooting.

Disney Parks

Along with the ride, each version of the park will have unique opportunities for guests. At Paris’ Hotel New York, guests will be able to stay in new suites dedicated to characters like Spider-Man.

Disney Parks

The California park boasts a recognizable roster of superhero cast members ready for photo ops: Dr. Strange, Black Widow, Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, Black Panther, Thor, and Loki will all appear.

To cap the presentation, Chapek revealed that there’s one more California E-ticket attraction in the works, due out after the opening of the land (much like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’s Rise of the Resistance rollout). The ride will allow visitors to step aboard a quinjet and fly to Wakanda, where they’ll join T’Challa and other Avengers in a massive battle against Thanos’ forces.

The Black Panther ride at Marvel Land aka Avengers Campus Disney Parks

Disney’s various Marvel lands are expected to open next year, including Avengers Campus in Anaheim.