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Warframe gets a new update, along with a speedy new character

Gotta go fast!

Warframe - the new Gauss Warframe poses, showing off the metal and chrome exoskeleton. Digital Extremes
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A new update is coming to Warframe, the free-to-play third person shooter. The Saint of Altra update includes a new Warframe, Gauss, who generates kinetic energy to blaze through battle and deal damage to enemies. Gauss comes with a series of changes to the game that will help set the scene for larger future updates.

MACH RUSH: Burst into a hyper-sprint to run across water, traverse across large areas faster, bowl over enemies and re-charge his Speed Gauge. Crashing into solid objects generates a powerful shockwave.

KINETIC PLATING: Generate armor plating that converts a portion of absorbed Kinetic Damage into Energy. Also protects Gauss from being staggered or knocked down. Damage Resistance is relative to battery level.

THERMAL SUNDER: Siphon kinetic energy from the area, charging the battery and inflicting Cold Status on nearby enemies. Press and hold to reverse the process, draining the battery and inflicting Heat Status on nearby enemies.

REDLINE: Push Gauss’ battery beyond the redline, supercharging his Abilities and setting Fire Rate, Attack Speed, Reload Speed, and Holster Rate into overdrive. When past the redline, bolts of arcing electricity dance periodically from Gauss, exploding en masse when the ability is deactivated.

PASSIVE: Never stop moving. Keeping Gauss in motion generates an electrical current that charges his Speed Gauge, helping Shields recharge up to 80% faster, and decreasing recharge delay up to 80%.

Along with Gauss, players will get access to the endless Disruption Mode on new planets, mission types, and factions. Disruption Mode was originally introduced in the previous update, The Jovian Concord. The following quest nodes will be impacted, and there will be a story accompanying the player’s quest to disrupt the plans of Alad V, notorious Corpus scientist.

  • Grineer Settlement - Mars, Olympus
  • Corpus Outpost - Neptune, Laomedeia
  • Grineer Galleon - Sedna, Kelpie (Grineer)
  • Grineer Galleon - Uranus, Ur (Infested)
  • Grineer Kuva Fortress - Kuva Fortress, Tamu
  • Lua - Lua, Apollo (Corpus)

Fashion conscious players will also be getting new features, skins, and collectibles. Look Link and Mod Link will allow players to share their designs easily, and other players can adopt your fashion by quickly importing the appropriate Links.

Players will also get more access to Riven Mods; the limit has gone from 90 to 120.

The Saint of Altra also comes with new cosmetics, including a Harrow Deluxe Collection with a skin, armor set, and weapon skin, a Shawzin Hero emote that allows players to compose and perform their own songs, and a new set of Dojo decorations that are based around the Infected.

Saint of Altra is set to arrive on PC this week; console players are expected to arrive “within the month.”

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