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World of Warcraft Classic players are standing in long lines to finish quests

Patience is a virtue

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Yesterday marked the release of the highly-anticipated World of Warcraft Classic, a recreation of the original iconic MMO. It hasn’t been an entirely smooth launch: First, players had to wait in queues for hours. Then, when fans finally got into the servers, some folks reportedly experienced lag. And, once the ball got rolling, many players were surprised to find that doing early quests often meant waiting their turn.

In short, the servers are so highly populated right now that completing simple starting quests requires standing in line. On social media, many Classic aficionados are sharing images of long lines that look like something out of an amusement park, not a video game. Some lines are short, while others appear to have dozens upon dozens of patient gamers.

You might think, well, it’s heartening to see people be such a good sport about all of this, but the reality is that jerks are inevitable. Some tweets say that players tried to “cut others,” while others claim that lines in their games were only temporary.

Fortunately, though, most people seem to be bonding over the whole experience.

“We cheered on the person next in line each time,” said Redditor Smishery. “And if someone skipped we all yelled ‘shame.’ It was all harmless fun. I spent about an hour just chilling and laughing with randoms, something I haven’t done in WoW for years.”

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