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Look at this amazing kaiju game a player made in Dreams

A Good Boy tears up the city

A giant salamander rests atop of an island Mori Shiro

Ruckus: Just Another Natural Disaster is not a title you can buy at GameStop, or load up on Steam. To play it, you need to have a different game: Dreams on PlayStation 4. Dreams is in beta right now, and the Media Molecule-developed experiment allows players to make their own games. While the experience isn’t fully out yet, players are using Dreams to make incredible things. Take, for instance, this awesome-looking kaiju game.

It’s not just that the giant salamander character is cute as heck. Ruckus emphasizes the details, allowing you to rampage the city however you’d see fit.

Want to eat airplanes? Go ahead.

Want to throw your environment at airplanes to knock ’em down? Go for it!

Maybe a more Shin Godzilla laser is more your style?

Really, you should just watch the official trailer, which was released today along with the full game:

Look at his flips! What a good boy. The newscast element is a nice touch, too.

While not featured in the trailer, it seems that the creators are also experimenting with different types of weather, like snow, storms, and whirlwinds.

Apparently, even the planes are playable — though they don’t seem very effective against the salamander.

You can try Ruckus right here.