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Spelunky-esque Noita, filled with physics shenanigans, has a release date

Even if you’ve never heard about it, you should be very excited

Noita made a bit of splash at this year’s Independent Game Festival, being nominated in multiple categories, including the grand prize. And now the unique, particle physics-driven roguelike has a release date: Sept. 24 on Steam, as revealed in a new trailer.

In Noita, players must delve deep into a series of mines, battling increasingly-threatening terrors along the way. A single death sends them back to the very start. While the premise sounds decidedly similar to the always-relevant Spelunky, Noita sets itself apart with its rough art style and outrageous physics systems.

Players command a novice mage with a wide range of spells at their disposal. But the unifying characteristic of most of the spells is that they create incredible physics-based fluids and gases. These elements can combine with other elements around the levels to create explosive results. And because all of the levels in Noita are fully destructible, there’s really no right way to make your way down to the next stage. The latest trailer, seen above, shows off some of these interactions.

Speaking to Polygon back in March, Nolla Games’ Olli Harjola said that Noita has been in the works for five years, bringing together a veritable all-star list of independent developers, including designers from Baba Is You, The Swapper, and Crayon Physics Deluxe. No price has been revealed for the early access release on Windows PC, but the Steam Wishlist page is live, if you’re looking for additional info.

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